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    Here is a small circuit that I have made from other designs on the internet.  I am working to find out what more generic parts can be used to make it simpler for people to make.  This programmer will work with most all computers.  It does require a serial connection,  if you do not have one a usb to serial adapter works.  I will list the adapters that work so far and where you can get them a good prices.  I am also collecting a list of the cable assemblies that you can make to interface with different radios.  I soon will have a list with description and images for the radio cables so far. 

    I have built 2 of these so far and do not have problems with them.  The best part about this design is that is uses different cables to go between the programmer and radios.

Working Radio List

I am collecting a list of all the radios that it will program. So far we have a small list that is growing.

Radios/Software Used:

Yaesu VX-6 / VX-6 Commander By Jim Mitchell, KC8UNJ

Yaesu VX-10 / Commercial Software from Yaesu

Yaesu Ft-7800 / FTB7800 Bob Freeth, G4HFQ

Yaesu Ft-8800 / FTB8800 Bob Freeth, G4HFQ


Click on the links below to open the .pdf files.  The first one is the programmer and the second it the list of parts needed.  I tried to put the images on the page direct but can not yet make them legible.

RST-2050 Programmer Schematic



RST-2050 Parts List


(Note:  To save these files right click on the link tab and select save location as.)

Programming Cables

This cable is used to program the VX-6.  I am sure that more radios will work but I have only listed the ones that I know work.

It is a 4 conductor 3.5mm end. 

The VX-10 uses the same cable design but not the same pins on the cable.

Look below to make the right connections

VX-6 Pinout

VX-10 Pinout

(Click on image to see larger image)

This cable is for the FT-7800, FT-8800.  As stated above will list as I know that is works with other radios.

The connector to the radio is off of an old keyboard. 


The other end of the cable is just a mono metal head phone plug.